Welcome to the National Passenger Transport Golf Society. We are a long time established society and were formed in 1974 as part of the National Passenger Transport Sports Association.

We changed our title when we reformed under its present banner. We were elected into the English Golf Union in 1980 and when the Registered Handicap Scheme was introduced in 1992, we were one of its founder members with the highest membership ever attained.

We are sole provider of organised golf to the passenger transport industry and we are very proud of our achievements over the years.

                               If you like to join our socitey please contact John at                 

                                              heanan123@sky.com           or phone  07979222501

                                       for information about joining the association.

We look forward to meeting with you and some of your colleagues at one of our future events and wish you lots of success in any of our competitions in the future.


John Heanan

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